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Continuing Dance Education

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

I recently attended the Dance Life Teacher Convention in Connecticut at the Mohegan Sun Resort! Wow! What an awesome time. It was so refreshing and strongly believe everyone needs to attend a convention at least once a year to get refreshed find inspiration and motivation!!! I haven't been to a convention in a very long time and it was great being around like minded people! Not to mention I had a great time and it felt good to dance for me! I normally don't take classes, and realized how much I miss it! I'm so glad I took classes even though I was very sore after the first day of classes! I learned a lot of new techniques and got great ideas for class content! If you are looking for a fun and well worth it convention, you should check out Rhee Gold's Dance Life Teacher Convention!!! Whether you dance, teach or neither, always continue your education. It's important to stay current and sometimes we forget information and need a refresher.

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